Entry Forms

Horse's name *
If Rider is a minor, the Parent's full name
Phone Number *
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If not already a member, you may submit your membership form and $20 fee at the show for all of 2021. Membership is required to compete. *
No, because I am only showing in leadline, which does not require membership.
Yes, I am a member, or will join at the show.
If registering online before 8 pm, Sept 20th, the office fee of $10 will be waived. If registering after that day and time, or at the show, there will be a $10 office fee. *
I understand
To register your horse with the club, it is $5 for the year. *
Yes, I understand. My horse is registered or will be at the show.
My horse is not showing except in leadline and/or through walk/halt we don’t need it.
A negative Coggin's test within one year is required to enter. Please be sure to bring this document with you to the show grounds, or your horse will be asked to leave without participating. *
I understand that I will have to produce a negative Coggin's test for my horse at the show:
Although the show begins with jumpers at 8 am, I understand that the leadline will be at 11:45 am or the soonest class break. Hunters/Equitation will begin once Jumpers and Leadline are finished, but not before 10 am. *
I understand these times and will be ready for my classes.
Tiny Jumpers - fences 18" x-rails
1. Timed Jump Off
2. Timed First Round
3. Power & Speed: jump 4 fences clear, then get timed for the next 4.
Hopeful Jumper - fences 2'- 2'3"
4. Timed Jump Off
5. Timed First Round
6. Power & Speed
Training Jumper - fences 2'6"
7. Timed Jump Off
8. Time first round
9. Power & Speed
Schooling Jumper - fences 2'9" - 3'
10. Timed Jump Off
11. Timed First Round
12. Power & Speed
Open Jumper - fences 3'3"
13. TJO
14. TFR
15. P&S
Leadline. Horses are led by a lead rope, attached to a halter, that should be over or under the bridle. Riders are judged. This class will be at 11:45 am. This class does not require membership.
16. Leadline
Hunter/Equitation Classes: warm-up is the first over fences course of each division. Warm-up can only be ridden once per horse/rider combination.
Are you entering warm-up?
43. Warm-Up
Walk-Halt Equitation
17. Walk/Halt Equitation on the flat
18. Walk/Halt Equitation over ground poles (once around)
19. Walk/Halt figure 8
Walk/Trot Teeny X-rails Equitation
20. Walk/Trot Equitation o the Flat
21. Walk/Trot teeny x-rails (12") (once around)
22. Walk/Trot Figure 8
Beginner Hunter/ Equitation
23. Walk/Trot Equitation on the Flat
24. Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation on the Flat
25. Equitation over fences 18", twice around. Trot or Canter
26. Hunter over fences 18", twice around. Trot or Canter.
Novice Hunter/ Equitation
27. W/T/C Equitation on the Flat
28. Equitation over fences (2' with one 2'3")
29. Hunter over fences
30. Equitation over fences, with a diagonal line
Limit Hunter/Equitation (2'6")
31. Eq on the Flat
32. Eq over fences (2'6")
33. Hunter over fences (2'6")
34. Eq over fences (2'6")
Schooling Hunter/Equitation (2'9")
35. Eq on the Flat
36. Eq over fences (2'9")
37. Hunter over Fences (2'9")
38. Eq over fences (2'9")
Open Hunter/Equitation (3'3" - 3'6")
39. Eq on the Flat
40. Eq over Fences
41. Hunter Over Fences
42. Eq over fences
WARNING: Under Texas Law (Chapter 87, Civil Practices and Remedies Code), An Equine Professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.
As a condition of entry and the right to enter the show grounds, Royal Legend, Brazos Valley Horse Shows, Equine Armor Inc, their owners, board members, staff, representatives, and anyone associated with them, may not in any way be held liable or responsible for any loss, stolen, or damaged articles or animals, nor liable for any injury or death sustained by any participant, spectator, volunteer, or animal.
I understand that the membership form that I must sign to participate in the show series contains a blanket liability form for the entire show season.
I have read, and understand this law and agree to participate or allow my child to participate. *
I do
This entry is an agreement with the person entered along with the owner, lessee, trainer, manager, coach, and horse: (1) that every horse and rider are eligible as entered; (2) that the owner and any of his/her representatives will agree to the final decisions made by management and hold without responsibility the competition of BVHS, Royal Legend, their owners, their officials, the management, employees, and agents for any injury or loss suffered during or in connection with the competition, whether or not such injury or loss results, directly or indirectly from the negligent acts or omission of said owners, officials, employees, agents, the management, BVHS, or Royal Legend.
I also agree to follow the rules set by BVHS at the horse show. Entry fees are $15 per class and are due at the show in the form of cash or a check made out to Royal Legend. Membership fees for a new member are $20. To register a horse is $5. Horses only in Leadline or walk/halt do not have to register. Riders showing only in Leadline do not have to pay a membership fee.
The $10 grounds fee is waived for anyone who registers online, on or before August 24th. Anyone who registers after that, or at the show, will incur that fee.
I have read this release, and agree to the terms. *
yes, I do.
I hereby consent to the entry of myself or my child in this show and certify that I have read the above representations and statement and that I agree and accept responsibility for the participation of the minor noted above. *
for myself:
for my child: