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About Brazos Valley Horse Shows

About Brazos Valley Horse Shows
Brazos Valley Horse Shows September Volunteers

Brazos Valley Horse Shows is a group of volunteers who have a passion to encourage Sporthorse riders to participate in hunt-seat riding and hunter and showjumper showing in the Brazos Valley.

B.V.H.S. was created to help students and trainers have local access to a local series of good Sporthorse show ring experiences. As such, a series of Hunter/Jumper shows has been created that will earn competitors points towards year-end awards.

All participants in our hunter/jumper shows become a member of BVHS, for a small fee of $20 for the entire show year. Members must show in at least half of the shows for their points to count toward year-end awards.

With each membership received, the rule book, and calendar will be emailed to you, as well as reminders of upcoming shows. You can also check elsewhere on this site for that information.

Our shows were created to be trainer and students friendly.  If more than one arena is in use, arena gates will be held until the trainer can be with each student. Riders without trainers in attendance are also always welcome.

Classes are only $20 for each recognized class. Office and/or grounds fees will not exceed $10 each.

Divisions will range from walk-only equitation and increase as high as needed, (currently 3'3"). Any division that does not have at least one pre-entry will not be offered on show day.

If after the 4th show, any division that has not been made at any of the first 4 shows, those divisions will be dropped for the rest of the current year's series season. Therefore, come and ride to ensure your classes are available!

The logo for BVHS was designed and copyrighted by the sporting artist Stacey Mayer. All rights are reserved in her name, and for BVHS club use only. No other applications are allowed.

Hosting stables/farms/shows may use this logo for anything related to BVHS and BVHS competitions, such as ribbons and ads.

Currently, these horse farms/stables/clubs are hosting shows:

Royal Legend Arabians & Horse Center

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