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Brazos Valley Horse Show Rules

Welcome! Our shows are open to all ages of people and all types of equines. Our fun Schooling Shows are designed to promote all-around riding in the Brazos Valley in diverse disciplines. We encourage amateur riders to improve their horsemanship through professional instruction to maximize their own and their horse’s potential.

Although our shows are intended for amateurs, we welcome trainers in our open classes where allowed, and in Green or Baby Green classes for young or inexperienced horses. We encourage trainers to bring their students, to foster barn camaraderie and self-esteem in students as they improve their riding abilities through friendly competition.

All riders may compete without a trainer in attendance. We offer trainer incentives as well as year-end awards for show participants. Please see below for more information, and qualifications to enter or cross-enter classes.

Royal Legend Arabians & Horse Center in Bryan, Texas is the site for the first show of the season for 2022. Food concessions will be available onsite. The address is 7786 Riley Road, Bryan 77808. Riley Road is off of FM 1179 in Bryan. Riley Road is approximately 8 miles from Hwy 6, or ½ mile from FM 2038 very near Reliance Baptist Church and cemetery. Turn on Riley, and continue less than a mile.  Show days will have signs placed along the way to guide you.

RULES of Participation: USEF and AQHA rules will apply except where specifically stated below.

NO SMOKING ON FACILITY at any time, for any reason. If you must smoke, please walk out to the asphalt parking area.
! Any non-equine animals that show up will be caged until the owner leaves for the day. NO dogs, pigs, goats, etc on a leash or otherwise. Please respect the safety of all and leave them at home. If you need a good kennel, call Sassy’s Place at 979-220-4547 on Hwy 30 and I am sure Marilyn can accommodate your animal. Crated animals may be allowed if they are not disturbing others.
COGGINS Required. A current negative Coggin's test within one year of the date of the show is required by Texas State Law. Please present your Coggin's test in order to obtain an exhibitor's number.

To be eligible for year-end awards, a yearly membership fee of $20 must be paid per rider and $5 per horse. Once the membership fee is paid, your points start accumulating at that point. Fees may be paid by the end of the show, for points to count for that show. Horse show fees go toward year-end awards and banquet.  You do NOT have to be a member to compete; only to have your points count for year-end awards.

 All riders/exhibitors must sign a waiver containing the Texas Equine Liability law to compete. Showgrounds, show managers, volunteers, and staff cannot be held liable for any injury or loss.

Classes, unless otherwise specified, will receive rosettes for 1st through 6th place. Walk and walk/trot classes may have ties for 5th and 6th place. Some classes may be split. All points will be awarded for each split class toward year-end, and championships.

Each horse show may have extra fun classes that do not count toward year-end awards and are up to the discretion of the hosting farm.

Riders/exhibitors are encouraged to have proper tack and attire. Since these are schooling shows, we understand there will be some exceptions.

1. Training equipment is not allowed except where specified.

2. Standing martingales are allowed in over fences classes only.

3. No boots or leg wraps are allowed, except in Equitation classes.

4. Hunter/jumper riders and all riders under 18 must wear protective helmets when mounted. Junior riders are required to have helmets with harness straps.  Helmets worn in western tack WILL NOT be discriminated against.

5. Any rider exhibiting unsafe behavior will be told to dismount and may be asked to leave.


Show management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes as they see fit.  Full points will be awarded to split divisions. Classes may be canceled if there are not at least 2 entries.  For Champion and Reserves to be awarded, there must be at least 3 entries in the division.

Divisions: these may have reserve and championship per division per show and/or year-end Championship awards. Not all divisions have both! Champion and Reserve points and ribbons are only awarded if there are at least 3 people entered in the division. Classes only make if there are at least 2 entries in the class, except leadline.

For 2022 there will be 12 divisions, including 1 unmounted division, and 1 game division.  

Warm-up classes are not judged and do not count toward awards or points.

These are schooling shows, and not everyone will be an accomplished rider. Be courteous of others, ride safe, and everyone will have a terrific day.


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